Van Lee Melkprodukten Barneveld BV Van Lee Melkprodukten Barneveld BV
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Van Lee Melkprodukten is a medium sized organisation trading in milk powders, whey powders and milk derivatives with 30 years of experience. Since our foundation we have been working closely together with prominent European dairy producers and logistics partners in the industry. It is through these partnerships that we are able to produce and supply the highest quality dairy powders and blends from the most innovative manufacturing facilities. These leading facilities meet the highest industry standards and produce according to the latest health legislation and hygiene, monitoring, control and traceability regulations.

With our customers in mind, we continuously focus on the quality of products and services for the food ingredients, private label and feed ingredients industries. We are specialised in both standard dairy powders as well as custom made blends, produced in both liquid or dry form, depending on use and application.

In addition, we support our customers through logistics solutions, offering term solutions on procurement activities, laboratory tests, product analysis and providing assistance in making the correct product selections.