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Over the years, Van Lee Melkprodukten has become a leading supplier of milk powders, whey powders and dairy powder derivatives for the food industry in the following segments: bakery products, chocolate, confectionery, dairy & soft drinks, desserts & ice cream, sauces & ready meals and sports & dietetic nutrition.

In addition to providing a range of standard dairy powder products and derivatives, Van Lee Melkprodukten produces a range of custom made blends and solutions, produced in both liquid or dry form, depending on use and application.

In the case the product you require is not within our standard range, you have any special product requirements or particular demands regarding application and packaging (e.g. private label), please do not hesitate to contact u


Whey permeate (powder)

Whey permeate is made of fresh, pasteurised whey from which its protein is extracted. The whey permeate is concentrated and subsequently spray-dried. The product corresponds with the standards and regulations for food safety and Codex Alimentarius. Additional specifications are available upon request.

In the food industry whey permeate powder is a commonly used ingredient for applications in the following segments: bakery, chocolate, confectionery, sauces & ready-meals and dairy & soft drinks.

Whey permeate powder is available in 25kg bags, big bags and bulk.